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Regulations and Consent Form - Participating Caregivers "Operation Attention"

"Operation Attention" was established by volunteers, during an emergency with the beginning of the "Iron Swords" war. The purpose of "Operation Attention" is to connect people who need psychological assistance as a result of the consequences of the war, with therapists who are willing to help. In order to participate in the "Attention Operation" as a therapist, I confirm, understand and declare as follows:

1.      I agree to participate in the "Attention Operation" activity of my own free will and on my own accord, and I am aware that I am not under any obligation to participate in the "Attention Operation".

2.      I am aware that the "Operation Attention" activity is organized by the founders and staff of "Operation Attention", their partners and/or anyone on their behalf (hereinafter: "Operation Attention Team"), on a voluntary basis, and this with all the implications of this.

3.      I confirm, declare and understand that my participation in the "Operation Attention" is my full and exclusive responsibility, and in particular with regard to the treatments I will provide as much as I will provide as part of the "Operation Attention".

4.      I declare that I will not have any claims of any kind against the "Operation Attention" team, in regards to my participation.

5.     I am aware that in order to participate in "Attention Color" I am required to provide personal and professional details and data including, but not limited to, name, surname, phone number, email, information regarding my training, certification, and any additional professional or personal information. I am aware that I am not obligated to provide the information, and any information I provide (including information provided as part of filling out the participation form), will be provided according to my consent and desire to participate in the "Attention Operation".

6.     I confirm and declare that the information I will provide in the "Attention Operation" joining form is accurate, true and correct information, especially with regard to my professional background and experience. I know that the "Operation Attention" team will use this information in order to locate patients who have turned to "Operation Attention" in order to receive psychological assistance and who may be suitable for the type of treatment I offer.

7.     I understand that the details and information listed above will be kept confidential and stored by the "Operation Heshav" team.

8.     I confirm that the details and information listed above, all or part of them, will be given to the participating patients as part of the "Attention Operation", even if you do not find a match with a patient in the end.

9.     I know that the "Operation Attention" team is not obligated and does not undertake to include me in the pool of therapists within the framework of "Operation Attention", does not commit to locating patients for me or the date of locating the patient (as many as they find) and to any rigid schedule.

10.   I know that the connection between me and the patient is made according to the sole discretion of the "Operation Attention" team, and the team is not responsible for the actual connection and/or its results. The connection with the patient will be made (as much as possible) in accordance with the needs and requests of the patients who contacted the "attention operation", and there may be discrepancies between the requests and the actual match.

11.   I know that it is not possible for the "Operation Attention" team to verify and verify all or part of the data provided by the patients, and the team is not responsible for a correct match between therapist and patient or for the nature of the treatment or the duration of the treatment (as long as a match is made).

12.   I know that the patients who apply for assistance in "Operation Attention" have varying backgrounds, and have varying health and mental health needs and circumstances. Accordingly, I confirm that the responsibility of verifying my suitability to provide treatment to the patient referred to me and consent to accept him as a patient rests solely on me.

13.   I know that the "Operation Attention" team does not act or speak on behalf of the patients, and their goal is to make the initial contact only.

14.   I know that the "Operation of Attention" team is not responsible at all for the content of the treatment and its results, or for any damage of any kind that may be caused (if caused) to me or the patient, as a result of the contact with the patient and my relationship with the patient.

15.   I am aware that the "Operation Attention" team does not undertake to provide any financial or other consideration for my participation in "Operation Attention", and that any consideration for treatment given (if any) will be agreed with the patient only, without the "Operation Attention" team having any influence, involvement or warranty thereof.

16.   I am aware that there is and will not be a working relationship between me and the "Operation of Attention" project and team, and that I will not be considered an employee of "Operation of Attention" for any purpose, including in the event that payment is received (to the extent that it is received) as a result of treatment provided (to the extent that it is provided).

17.   I am aware that the "Operation Attention" team is entitled to stop the activity of "Operation Attention" at any stage and at its sole discretion.


In order to get more details or an answer to any question, you can contact the "Operation Listen" team via:

Phone: Shiral Halevi - 055-6699-845, Elad Adler - 052-531-1866

Email: Shiral Halevi -, Elad Adler -



* All of the above is worded in the masculine language, but addresses both women and men.

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