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Regulations and consent form - treated participants "Operation Attention"

"Operation Attention" was established by volunteers, during an emergency with the beginning of the "Iron Swords" war. The purpose of "Operation Attention" is to connect people who need psychological assistance as a result of the consequences of the war, with therapists who are willing to help. In order to participate in the "Attention Operation" I confirm, understand and declare as follows:

  • I confirm that I am over 18. 

  • I agree to participate in the "Operation Attention" activity of my own free will and on my own accord. I am aware that I am not under any obligation to participate in the "Attention Campaign", and I may stop my participation at any time.

  • I am aware that participation in the "Operation Attention" is free of charge, and that the activity is organized by the "Operation Attention" entrepreneurs and staff, their partners and/or someone on their behalf (hereinafter: "Operation Attention Team"), on a voluntary basis, and all that is implied by this.

  • I confirm, declare and understand that my participation in the "Attention Operation" is my full and exclusive responsibility. I declare that I will not have any claims of any kind against the organizers and initiators of "Operation Attention", their partners and/or anyone on their behalf in regards to my participation.

  • I know that the "Operation Attention" team does not undertake to provide mental assistance and to find a therapist, nor is it responsible at all for the content of the treatment and its results, or for any damage of any kind that may be caused (if caused) resulting from the contact with the therapist, my relationship with the therapist, or my degree of satisfaction with the assistance that will be given to me (as much as possible).  

  • I know that the "Operation Attention" team is not bound and does not commit to the date of finding a therapist for me (as soon as it is found) and to any rigid schedule. 

  • I know that the connection between me and the therapist is made according to the sole discretion of the "Operation of Attention" team, and the team is not responsible for the actual connection and/or its results. The connection with the therapist will be made (as much as possible) according to the availability of the therapists "in the attention operation" and there may be discrepancies between the requests and the actual match. 

  • I know that the "Operation Attention" team is unable to verify and verify all or part of the data provided by the therapists, and the team is not responsible for the quality of the care provided. 

  • I know that the therapists who take part in "Operation Attention" have varying training, including certified psychologists, therapists with social worker training, therapists in therapy and occupation, art, expression, communication, and more. Accordingly, I confirm that the responsibility for verifying the certification of the therapist with whom I will be in contact as part of the "Attention Operation" rests solely with me. 

  • I am aware that in order to participate in "Ba Tzeve Keshev" I will be required to provide details and personal data including, but not limited to, name, surname, phone number, gender, as well as information regarding the personal circumstances that require receiving treatment. I am aware that I am not obligated to provide personal information, and any information I provide (including information provided as part of filling out the participation form), will be provided according to my consent and desire to participate in the attention campaign.

  • I am aware that the personal details listed above will be kept confidential and stored by the "Operation Attention" team. 

  • I confirm that the personal details listed above, all or part of them, will be given to the therapists participating in the "Attention Operation", even if you do not find a match for me with a therapist in the end. 

  • I know that the organizers, initiators and staff of "Operation Attention" do not act or speak on behalf of the therapists, and their purpose is to make the initial contact only. 

  • I am aware that the assistance I will receive (to the extent that I will receive it) within the framework of "Operation Attention", is not a substitute for receiving medical and psychological treatment and counseling, insofar as this is required under the circumstances of the matter.

  • I know that the "Operation Attention" team may stop the "Operation Attention" activity at any stage and at its sole discretion. 


In order to get more details or an answer to any question, you can contact the "Operation Listen" team via:

Phone: 0525311866 - Elad Adler, 0556699845 - Shiral Levy.



* All of the above is worded in the masculine language, but addresses both women and men. 




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